White and Other Lies

Because of frequent use, lying has become an inseparable part of conversation, and is often used without a legitimate need. Would you lie all the time and is there really a strong justification for it? Surely some will agree that there is. With lying, we justify the awareness of such character traits as predominance, ignorance, selfishness, etc.

We classify people around us by level of importance; How much this person means to us, and whether it is worth the risk. A white lie is often trivial, diplomatic or a well-intentioned untruth. If you’ve ever used a lie as a type of attack or defense in a particular situation, you’ve probably justified yourself and you didn’t think about the possible consequences that may result in the future.

showarticleimageThe weight of the lie can lead to larger or smaller consequences that, after discovering the truth, may be only minor and transient, or may lead to a loss of many years of trust. Everything depends on us, those whom we communicate with on a daily basis, and those in which we have trust. How much are we willing to admit to a mistake, forget it and move on.

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4 Responses to White and Other Lies

  1. John PrimeSuspect says:

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Alan Darnell says:

    John Gove, a motivational speaker from Boston, always spoke of LOOPING. Basically, when you tell a lie, you can cover your tracks for a short time when the circle is small. But as the circle gets bigger, it is hard to know when to cover your tracks and who you had told the lie to. Until the lie gets so big and no one will believe what you are saying. And then the shit hits the fan!

  3. Mithu Hassan says:

    Very interesting and useful post !! Thanks to share !

  4. detlev_artelt says:

    great post – thanks for the interesting topic

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