Waiting For The Sun

At last, the weather is warming up and everything’s turning slowly to green. The sunny weather is just what flowers prefer. Who cannot love these words? Still in February is possible to experience some occasional cold snap. The clouds, the rain and the stars are mixed up and the diverse time period can be classified into the category of restless spring stories. For many people spring is one of the most joyful times of the year. It is a season for ideas of rebirth. Sun rises in the earlier hours of the morning and sets later in the afternoon giving us more time and energy to act. Birds start building their nests and frogs laying their frogspawn in the water mostly in March. It is beautiful to be aware of the world and his creature’s during this time, waking up after been shielded during the winter months in the holes of the earth. It will be enough just to move a bit from the city crowd and feed our eyes with the scenes that only nature can prepare for us.

We, the people, also lose the reasons to hide our selves under the heavy jackets; we can finally reveal our faces beneath the scarves and hats. We taking comfortable clothes on and see how much our waistline changed, our skin is pale and suddenly we have to confront with that reflection in the mirror, if we did not take extreme care the last few months. That is what the spring is for. Now we can go outside, receive the Sun energy, stretch out the muscles and let our blood flows faster. The best part of it is that we will not be alone doing that.7d0af0190dad8fc7a301facd1963b097

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