Thoughts Are Energy

Our thoughts are energy. Does that happen to us what we fear? If that is so why do we think negatively? I made an interesting experiment. Every time a negative thought crossed my mind, I did not let her to overtake me. I imagined what I love and blocked negative thoughts. I needed a very large concentration to succeed at it in the beginning. I just imagined a positive outcome. Nothing special is not happening, at least I thought so. But I felt better. I managed not to worry about things I care earlier.

After a while, there were a good things in my life. I thought it was a coincidence. A friend whom I have not seen for a long time, noticed a positive change in me. Sequence of subsequent events made me think that our thoughts are energy.

My life is changing, and the effort that I put to change my way of thinking is insignificant compared to what I’ve got and get it. By nature I am not a pessimist or an optimist, I think I am a realist. This is not an invitation to become an optimist overnight, just talking about a personal experience. I wonder if any of you had similar experiences, what are your thoughts and observations? Thinking_Man_

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