The Times Have Changed

How many times have we all heard that it is now very difficult to interest children in anything. They do not want or care to go out, they just want to play games on the computer, etc. We do not understand that times have changed and that the problem is with us, not the child. The child, itself, is growing up in an environment that it cannot affect, but we can, and we must. Do you remember the time when we were kids waiting for our favorite TV cartoon series to start? Present and future children never will not behave in such a way. The world and technology have substantially changed, and will change more and more each day. Today, there are passive viewers who sit and wait for the broadcast of favorite shows, or similar, on the TV. Children grow up as active viewers and not only that, they choose when they will watch a cartoon, and when they will play their games. Can you imagine it? To grow up with a TV series you like, edit cartoons when you want it, and playing the games until you get bored. Well, this is the dream of everyone, right? We have created this kind of world, and then we wonder why our children will not stop being in front of the computer… Would you? Of course not, neither would I. And here we come to the point of why I believe that we can and must influence our children. We should not allow children to control the situation, we must do it.

108f46d39032e9f1It is necessary to balance the needs of children, and we should work with children to understand this. It is not enough just to leave them to their computers and think that the problem is solved. That is when the problem starts, rather than ends. We all too quickly get used to the good things. It is also not really healthy for children to sit around all day either. And then we, as adults, blame computers and all the new technologies available to them. To be sure, the techniques that we need to help our children will be developed by us, and the world will change them whether we like to admit it or not. The children will grow up in this new world and adopt new ways of living, new technologies, regardless of what we have to say about it. It is not our task to complain about and blame others, but to change and adapt to this new situation.

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