Start and Goal

Start is almost always hard. You need to have a goal. At the start you feel like at the beginning of the race and impatiently waiting for the signal to start. You do not have to reach the goal first. The most important thing is that you pass the finish line, even if you are the last. You will gain a lot of experience during the race. There are both, good and bad. Depending in what type of business you are and how you look at the whole situation.

Let me give you an example. Let’s start from the beginning of the day. Here is a look at your appointment book full of ideas. Sometimes you look back and realize how useful things you learned so far and how much you will learn. As you progress under the simpler circumstances it is probably easier for you and faster. Under difficult circumstances, you will progressed slowly but you will learn more and reaching the goal will be more satisfied. Mistakes are inevitable and expectable. During your trip you will undoubtedly make a few parts and you may think these are errors but that does not mean they are mistakes. You will realize that it is not necessary to know all areas of your business, it is enough to focus on several areas those that interest you because the greatest pleasure is to do what you want and what you like.Starting-Line

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