Peaceful Lake

When do we know when enough is enough? That we’ve allowed ourselves to cross the border, and that it no longer makes sense to continue. We often don’t know the answer, but the people around us yearn for us to stop what we are doing. People won’t tell us this because they aren’t comfortable with telling us what to do, and want us change our behavior for ourselves, and not because of them. Many of us will try to change our behavior to suit our environment. However, our old principles and feelings won’t fully give in to the environment, and we will simply lie to ourselves, and say that we changed.

In some of us will come defiance, and the urge to fight. No matter how painful it is for us on both a mental and physical level, we won’t give up on our current way of life. If we listen to the people around us, does that mean they are smarter than us? More experienced than us? That they beat us? A helpful suggestion should be praised; We should hold our head high even if we are seen as someone who is ignorant, or does not live in today’s world. It is pointless to talk about how few of us can afford to admit that we’ve done this several times before. Okay, they did it for us to help us. This doesn’t mean that our views are limited, but perhaps that our views at that time came from a different angle.

And the beautiful and peaceful lake of our mind for a short time becomes a swollen emotional river. Usually large and necessary changes start from completely petty and insignificant things. If changes aren’t brought forth, then they will remain figments of our imagination. Of course, sitting beside a quiet lake on sunset brings a nice feeling. And it can happen for the whole evening, day after day, month after month, and year after year. We will want to have a fresher breeze blow through our mind. If not only to clear up a storm, then to calm the overflowing river banks, and sweep away the old ways of narrow thinking that we’ve been building for years. beautiful_summer_sunset

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