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Give a Smile and Move On

In a world full of different ideas and policies we want to create our own ‘world’ as a membrane from the outside world because we often approach situations with our positive or negative ideals. The most beautiful approach is to put things in a positive light, even if it happens spontaneously, and the situation will take on its own ‘special’ charm. Many people will not understand our personal ‘world’ and will inadvertantly affect us in some way, and, although not infrequently, may not realise this until we are in a troubled situation. We must admit that we are vulnerable and sometimes make mistakes. There is no shame in this.

After all, we are all vulnerable, and people who never talk about their vulnerabilities and mistakes are giving in to fear, and will become that which makes them most vulnerable. Also, people often begin seeking and exploiting the fears and weaknesses in others. Pointing out that the error may be the environment we are in is not difficult, but if we don’t listen to ourselves, then what have we done differently?

Some people will find that it is not enough to just know that we can error, they’ll want to publish this in a public place to discredit us. If we cannot find this consciously or unconsciously produced error to correct it, they will attempt to convince us that it is there, and in doing so will try to persuade other people around us of the same. By allowing other people to control our ‘world’ through manipulation, we gave them our strength, and they can use it against us. After realising this, all we should do is smile, say, “Thank you”, and continue on. Contact1

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