Lost Things

What is the one favorite thing that you’ve lost? Rare are those people to which this did not happen to. They are very lucky because they did not experience that uncomfortable feeling of loss. Firstly, the most difficult thing to lose is something that was given by a person dear to us, most commonly, jewelry. This item carries a love that the person has for us; A memory of the beautiful events.

Secondly, would be an expensive device. Cameras with private pictures, laptops with important files, and so on. We should not lose hope though many will say that this thing will never be found. Any words of consolation for them in this case, does not mean anything. However, if the situation is reversed, every word of encouragement to them would be very welcomed. There are many factors that can influence us to lose or forget something that is valuable. We can be easily distracted and lose focus in any given moment, especially when in a rush to get on the plane, jump in a taxi, or board a bus.

Lost ThingsFinding lost items largely depends on the moment when we realize that this thing is not in our possession. Only when we lose something do we understand how this thing was so valuable and irreplaceable. I hope this article will remind you to be careful of your valuables and prevent forgetfulness and negligence for this is when we actually loose our things.

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3 Responses to Lost Things

  1. Mithu Hassan says:

    Very interesting article !! Thanks to share !!!

  2. Tiago Chinez Simoes says:

    You are so right. Only when we lost something is when we reallize they are precious to us.

  3. Kirk Lau says:

    Interesting article!

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