When you start in social media it is like you start in day nursery. Then you move into kindergarten. Some children are quiet, some are mischievous. I was in the second group and I was stubborn. This was sometimes costly to me. But I learned a lot from mistakes. When you start with purposeful plan and place a deadline by which it must do things goes much faster. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social sites each of them has a major impact on your development. Each of these social networks like updates. However, it is important to find the middle in activity.

People would like to talk to you if you were a naughty child when you grow up and also comment on your past timeline mistakes, especially your competitors. In life as well as in social media you have to be practical, because social media is an inseparable part of life. It is really important to speak with your community not just within the community platform, but personally as well. To reach your community receive you needs to take a while, it can not happen overnight. There are a lot of different kinds of access to your community, if you tested one and it is not working you can try it in a different way. There is no universal way to approach the social media. Learning is the right way for it. However, it is important how much you can lower your ego down. From all we can learn something. If you have a desire to share content, just do it. If you want to connect with someone and share experiences and information, do not hesitate. Wealth is also know how to connect with people. It then gives birth to participation and cooperation. It takes time. It takes creativity. And it takes planning. Without it, you will make progress difficult.

What are your experiences with fitting in your community? Feel free to put your comments below.

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