Doubt in Klout

Do you ever happen to get more likes and sharing on your social media accounts but it did not affect on positive impact in your Klout results and when you do not have a strong influence then Klout jumps? Of course, I do not want to tell you “Delete Your Klout Profile Now!”.


Highest Klout score has Justin Bieber 100. I do not want to diminish his popularity, everyone has their role models. It is not difficult to conclude that the profiles on Klout are simply pushed into the corner.

Spreading your content across multiple networks will now directly impact your Klout score. You can have a lot of subscribers in your groups and pages on Facebook, too much followers on Twitter but your Klout score will not continuously grow. When the network is more widely it is more difficulty to maintain Klout. If you have a less extensive role in social media channels it is easier to maintain Klout score. Many of us have managed to increase our Klout to 50 or 60 before it stopped. Which brings us to the fact that rarely visit our Klout profile page. There is really a lot to criticize about Klout. Without feeling for the influencer measurement is incomplete. Klout lacks the true sense of the analysis.

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