Character Through The Years

Many of us, deep in our subconscious, try to think of how our mindset will be in the future. Of course, there are very few people who will admit it, but the daily pressure is present whether the successes that we’ve had are in accordance with our experience. Experience for which we will turn and seek in the future, but right now we see as ridiculous and completely trivial.

Every period in life has its own beauty. Of course, there are also negative moments. Will we be jealous of much younger people when we are older? Did we have a certain amount of jealousy towards an older brother or sister when we were kids? People who see themselves as older and that their trains have left the station, regarded what younger people say as an insult.

BeautifulHowever, gaining a strong mutual understanding between people with large age differences can lead to everyone benefit. As time passes our physiology changes, but does our character also change? There are divided opinions regarding the changes in puberty and the changes of character throughout our lives. The reactions in the subconscious are related to our character that sometimes fails us. After this, it is almost impossible to avoid self remorse.

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    very nice! great post!

  3. Michael W says:

    Lovely sentiment.

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