Casper Bar

The Casper Bar 11:38pm. Roy was busy talking with Jennifer, a pretty blonde student of Architecture. Her girlfriend, Sun was more interested in Robert, no less than in his business. She was a true Social Media freak. That’s what Robert first thought when he saw her profiles online. Very soon he changed the word “freak” to “genius”. She didn’t waste her time uploading her pictures, although she could with that doll face, instead she was doing some serious work in web marketing. He decided to keep her away from his “time of killing lust”.

“You are a jewel Sun.” He really meant that. “What do you expect to find here in the bar. What are you looking for?” She was a bit disapointed with his question. He should have already known the answer. He did, but he wanted to hear it from her.

“I’m very expressive, that’s all.” “We already have someone running our site, I can meet you again with Michael. Come see us, you have the address here.” He gave her his card. Sun was excited, with good reason. Jennifer called a taxi and in a few minutes the girls were in Sachsenhausen, across the Main. Sun was demanding too much information, and before the end of the night he was missing her exotic Korean look.

The Perfect meal before the dawn, a sandwich with a pineapple banana smoothie. Next stop – bed.

Monday was busy like always, but Roy and Robert loved it. Employing approximately 400 people was no small feat, but to them it was part of the game. Their offices were high up on the 22nd floor with the appearance that it seemed to stretch to Taunus hill and farther. The interior was more studio like, with lots of natural materials, wood, leather and lots of light coming from the large terrace that was poorely decorated with plants. Sometimes they sleep here. There are days without brakes. That Wednesday Robert had to be in Berlin. The business trip didn’t justify their expectations, but Robert didn’t quit and he signed the contract. The customer was in an important political party which could mean a lot these days.

On Friday Robert was almost stunned.He turned off his phone when someone knocked on his office door. “Hello?” She said while stepping into the room with her long legs partially covered by an elegant grey dress.

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