The Beauty of Women

How happy is a life that begins with love and ends with ambition! If I had to choose, this is the one I should take. Love has no age, it is always young. The first effect of love is to inspire a profound respect, we have veneration for what we love. The more mind we have the greater the passions are, since the passions being only sentiments and thoughts that belong purely to the mind although they are occasioned by the body, it is obvious that they are no longer any thing but the mind itself, and that thus they fill up its entire capacity.

Beauty is divided in a thousand different ways. The most proper object to sustain it is a woman. When she has intellect, she enlivens it and sets it off marvellously. If a woman wishes to please, and possesses the advantages of beauty or a portion of them at least, she will succeed; and even though men take ever so little heed of it, although she does not strive for it, she will make herself loved. There is an accessible point in their hearts; she will take up her abode there.

black_swan___make_up_by_sayra-d35zsaf(Blaise Pascal, Discourse on the Passion of Love.)

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