A Second Chance

Time will erase any concerns. There is no one who has not sinned. It is a good consolation sometimes, isn’t it? Anyway, we have to move forward, with the belief it will be easier for us. However, something in our hearts always burning. First appears as irrelevant and how as time goes by it creates more pain. At the end of the day when we sum up impressions how and what we did there are not many reasons for enthusiasm, and when we look last week, last month and even last year it adds up enough reasons for sense of guilt and the mistakes surfacing so we think that the most we did is wrong. With the recognition of the mistake, we break through the barrier of a vicious circle.
Mistakes are always forgivable if we have the courage to admit them to others. We feel better when others forgive us. Each of us deserves a second chance. First of all, we need to allow it ourselves and then others to give us forgiveness.51dce2fe90e09f397f895fd2f3c5dc2b

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