A Human Touch

How much do our friends define our personalities? Some of us may vary between knowing people with different views of the world and them having vastly different habits, and yet not allowing our friends to affect our lives. We all feel safe in our circle of friends when life sends bad stuff at us. Yet for many, people unjustly judge others simply because they were seen with, so to speak, undesirables, and are alienated from the “normal” environment.

Many who take care upon whom they spend their time with are seemingly better off than those who do not. We all know that mankind is a social being and that we must then head out into the world and find our course in the fast moving river of life. It does not matter whether we live out in the countryside or in the city, or in this or that country, but we must realise that we will find people that society has rejected and they can get us into situations that can test ourselves as people. In school or daycare, for example, there often exist situations where we find unfairly “rejected” children marked as such by other children. Even a child who stands in defense of the rejected child can themselves become rejected and what then follows is the same harassment.

Similarly in the case of firms and companies, where this undesirable act can occur in a much more perfidious way. When did the “Human Touch” go missing? Who have we helped if we leave aside the rejected ones? History, believe it or not, has recorded cases of people of little self worth or value being against those who want to do good deeds. These “little” people carry with them an evil of undoing things, and when they see someone doing positive things, that evil within them automatically activates. Maybe, the smartest thing we could do is to not pay attention to them and move on. Maybe, these people just need help to try to drive out the bad things from them. Yet, all too often we do ignore them and let them spread their negative energy. Perhaps the answer is not to focus our energy on making evil weaker, but to focus our energy on making good stronger. 8dc652d76f633e324136e7035429554d

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