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Monday Morning

Monday morning. How often do you pronounce that sentence with enthusiasm? Some people are overwhelmed and even certain kinds of fear when they think on Monday morning. It usually happens on Sunday night when we sitting in a room next to the TV or computer, and with slight trepidation, thinking about tomorrow.

Of course, not everyone feels the same level of concern about that. Some people are used to it and waking up on Monday morning is not a problem. There is another group of people who are currently without work obligations. They do not care is it Sunday or Monday morning. The delay in the morning waking up with an alarm clock that constantly reminds you it is time to get up brings even more mixed feelings hangover and certain types of anxiety.

morningWhat do you really think when you suddenly open your eyes after a deep sleep that only you know. For someone quick awakening is little stress, and someone just turn his head to the other side of pillow. In any case, it is important to stand up quick as we open our eyes and move in the direction of the bathroom in the beginning of not only a new working day, and also a new work week.

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