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Introducing Robert

He’s very nice and handsome, but his soul is definitely not. His mind is dirty and wet like your skin after one hour of aerobics, and I mean like that 80’s aerobics. Try to detoxify him and you’ll get very sick. His heart is made for adrenalin, for his baby Mazda 6. That’s number one, after that comes additional accessories – women. Does he remember the first one? Probably he does, everybody does. He is so well trained by now that he even thought to open a website dedicated to offering advice for men in general, using a false identity, is understood. He would help battles to be won and he would be a leader, a bit more adrenalin won’t hurt. Light is green, move on. Next stop the Casper bar, hidden in a passage near Zeil, old town Frankfurt. Friday smells in the air. The night is still fresh. His baby is safe in the garage. The phone rings, Roy’s picture is on a display, he’s already there “In a minute.” Robert has its own rules. He walks in like he has all the time in the world. What’s better than stretching his legs in a promenade full of people female in gender? The age of girls he sees out lately is decreasing and he doesn’t like that. He thinks that they’re taking space for something more mature. “Something…” Hmmm, he has to change that word. The Bar slowly filled; Roy was drinking a spritzer and smoking those black cigarettes Robert hated. “We won’t stay young forever.” Roy flashed to him. “But we can make it last longer.” “I’m having the same.” The waitress had already poured a drink.

The Casper bar is top shelf for the last few years. “We could change this weekend and go to a disco!?” That would be too noisy for Robert. “I would go to a disco if I had to.” He never had a need to chase women. Even when he did it looked like he didn’t care. Patience is his virtue. It took a lot of patience for Robert and Roy to develop their company for being the most well known internet security brand in Germany. They have known each other since college, of which Robert didn’t finish. The death of his father happened in a very important moment, and it shook him up badly. That’s when Roy had an idea with their program they been developing during their studies. It took years to finish it, but all that patience and hard work paid off. So Robert didn’t need a diploma to find a job, together with Roy they opened a company where he put all of his energy into. Independent and free, with all that charm, Robert traveled a big part of the Mediterranean, changing his partners like the tires on his baby. He always thought that his girls wanted the same. Some of them did, but some tried to hook him, they always lost him in the end. He likes what he has, no need to change it.


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